Tassel Anklet
Tassel Anklet

Tassel Anklet

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Here are a few fun facts about the ever trending tassel jewelry📿
• Did you know Tassels were found in Tutankhamen’s tomb. In the 14th and 15th centuries, they were made of silk, and said to be as expensive as gold at the time. 
• Tassels have the ability to create motion or movement in your attire and to your personality. They dangle when you do and do so with feminine grace. They manage to bring out the personality in every woman. 🦸‍♀️
• Tassels in many different cultures epitomized love and protection💖
•  In the Middle East, tassels were quintessentially worn by men, women and children to ward off bad spirits and to bring good luck 🧿
• Some cultures believe that tassels improve flow of energy, happiness and comfort levels.💫
• The fashion industry has more calling to these versatile and exceptionally romantic tassels to perk up a woman’s wardrobe in so many ways. From shoes to hats and belts and bags to jewelry, tassels are of great use. 🥿👜
• We spoke to a few of our favorite bloggers and they say tassel anklets give you total happy feet with pretty glass seed beads, this is one minimal style that makes major fashion statements. 🙌
• We believe this fabulous fun anklet is easy and comfortable to wear, stack & Layer. Great for the pool, beach, picnics, vacations, casual day wear. ⛱
• These are an all time favorite for the sassy, trendy, boho-chic babes. 🎉

Price is for a single anklet

Material : Glass beads 

Length : Adjustable between 9-10.5 inches

Ships within : 2-3 days

Product care: Don't give me a bath regularly cuz I get tanned (avoid prolonged contact with water.)

I don't need oxygen to survive ( store in zip lock when not in use. )