Elephant Energy Anklet

Elephant Energy Anklet

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Why do you need some Elephant energy in your life...🐘 πŸ’
1. Elephants are physically strong and they are resilient, they also carry an innate tenderness and can be quite sensitive too. This can be a reminder to honor both sides of yourself. 😍
2. Wearing elephant jewelry is known to bring positive energy to the wearer and keep unwanted vibes away. πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ
3. The trunk of an Elephant carries a story of it’s own.
β€’ Trunks up signify wealth. They also bring peace and patience into your space. πŸ•Š
β€’ Trunks down signify knowledge and strength, helping you to push through various barriers and overcome difficult challenges.
β€’ Intertwined trunks express a token of love, romance, and even friendship. Similar to that of a hug, Elephants intertwine their trunks when they meet to show affection.πŸ‘­
Elephants help you realize your true nature and the strength you hold within. And remind us to be playful when we start taking life too seriously! 🌞

Β Price is for a single anklet

Material : Cotton thread & Tibetan silver charms

Length : Adjustable between 9-10.5 inches

Ships within : 2 days

Product care: Don't give me a bath regularly cuz I get tanned (avoid prolonged contact with water.)

I don't need oxygen to survive ( store in zip lock when not in use. )

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