About us


Welcome to the Trinkel tribe! You’ve just entered a world of genderfluid jewelry & accessories. ✨

 We Believe: There are no set rules in fashion and self-expression!

 So, we say you wear your quirks unapologetically! 😎

 Go ahead and pick the piece that resonates the most with you. 💫♥️

We provide jewellery that is unique to you; to constantly remind you of your edgy taste and free spirit.

 Our team is an eclectic mix of: Artists, Designers and Curators.

We are based out of Pune and our products are made with a lot of sass, hardwork and love!

Reach out to us with any queries, feedback and customised jewelry requests at trinkel.biz@gmail.com.

P.S. Here you can expect a constant addition of wacky and happy designs that you’d love to have that also make up for unique gifts. So, make sure you keep coming back for more… 💞

Trinkel- Jewelry for everyone!