92.5 Silver Crystal Leaf Ring

92.5 Silver Crystal Leaf Ring

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When we work on creating jewelry pieces , symbols and symbolism are a main part of our conversations.

One such conversation was with our artisan's daughter who used to look at snow covered leaves on twigs during her stay at Kashmir.
The glistening leaves used to make her days happy and make her believe there is beauty in everything and so much light within every person.
She says It helped her fall in love with herself and led her towards her passion of writing poetry. πŸ’œ

Working on each piece helps us understand the deeper meaning behind pieces selected by you. πŸ’«

We often discuss the personal experiences and discoveries we've had or the people we've come across have had and how these experiences are kept close to heart by turning them into something meaningful by associating them to things, symbols, charms...

Here's our snow covered crystal leaf in 92.5 sterling silver. Inspired by Kavya. β„β˜˜

Material:Β 925 sterling silver hallmarked

Size:Β Adjustable πŸ’œ

Ships Within :Β 2 Days


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