Stay Safe Anklet

Stay Safe Anklet

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Rs. 360.00
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Rs. 360.00

Price is for a single anklet

Material : Cotton thread & Tibetan silver charms

Length : Adjustable between 9-10.5 inches

Ships within : 2 days

Product care: Don't give me a bath regularly cuz I get tanned (avoid prolonged contact with water.)

I don't need oxygen to survive ( store in zip lock when not in use. )


We had a strange custom request experience a few days ago...

A customer called us and said 'I know you have a safety pin charm, I need a bulb charm too and I need 5 of each.'

We said we'll check on the bulb charm and let you know.

Her reply was ' You have to get it for me. '

We were curious now...what did she really want out of this combination so we asked her why she needed a bulb along with a safety pin charm? 🧷💡

And here's the most beautiful response we received...

'These are tough times, over the last few months we've all realized the importance of our loved ones...and to me its my five besties.
I need them to have this anklet as a reminder that I'm always praying that there is lots of light and safety in their life.
They need to stay safe for me because I can't imagine my life without them!'

This filled our hearts.We added these beautiful notes for her friends and got the bulb charm made for her, we just had to.

Here's hoping there is lots of light and safety in your life.

Thank you khyati for letting us in on something so beautiful!♥️

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