Tree of life bracelet

Tree of life bracelet

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Why is the tree of life regarded as a timeless, legendary symbol? 🌳🙌

1. It is a symbol of unity representing the idea that all life on earth is connected.
2. Though we may branch out in various directions, each of us is a part of something bigger.
3. The symbol celebrates each person's individuality like a tall upright tree.
4. A tree may appear lifeless but when the conditions are right, it'll bloom again , thus the tree of life represents a fresh start. 🙃
5. It brings a sense of rest and relaxation, a feeling of peace.
6. It symbolizes strength and growth, facing storms and emerging stronger although shaped by one's trials. It reminds you of the unique individual you've grown into.

Material : Zinc Alloy with precious stones 

Length : Adjustable slider chain

Ships In : 2 days

Product care: Don't give me a bath regularly cuz I get tanned (avoid prolonged contact with water.)

I don't need oxygen to survive ( store in zip lock when not in use. )